Anchor USD adds Stop Loss Orders

Anchor USD team has added support for stop loss orders which will allow users never to worry about unexpected price drops. Simply choose your selling price and trade will be executed as-soon-as price crosses.

Anchor USD team had previously added limit orders, margin trading and with addition of stop loss orders, users will be able to trade cryptocurrency assets like a regular crypto exchange.

So how do Stop Loss orders work in Anchor USD app?

A stop loss order is designed to reduce investor’s loss. For example: you might want to place a stop loss order 15-percent below the current price. So, if the trade does not go according to plan and it reaches price your stop loss, Anchor USD will place an order on its exchange and sell it immediately so that you do not have to suffer any further loss.

anchor usd stop loss orders

If you do not see this functionality in Anchor USD app, this means you are not running latest version. Fire up Google Play Store or iOS App Store and update it.

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