AAVE, Compound, Ren and GRT added to Anchor USD

Anchor USD team has rolled out support for AAVE, Compound, Ren and GRT (The Graph) in its application. All tokens are immediately available for trading, deposits and withdrawals. Keep in mind you must update your Anchor USD app from Play Store or iOS app store for these currencies to become available.

Like most other crypto currencies supported inside Anchor USD app, they earn daily interest payments of upto 5% APY.

One amazing feature that is offered inside Anchor USD and not in any other app is ability to deposit and withdraw USD by using your bank account with absolutely no fees. This makes it an excellent on and off fiat-ramp.

Anchor USD has been busily engrossed in adding popular DeFi tokens on a weekly basis from quite some time now. People had been asking them to add AAVE, Compound, Ren and GRT and today, they have added them.

Anchor USD is an excellent way for buying and selling cryptocurrencies using fiat and at same time, earning interest on them if you keep them inside Anchor USD app. The interest is sent daily even though it is calculated on yearly basis.